Sunday, July 12, 2009

Le Bec-Fin in the news

This news just in from the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer of July 12, 2009

Chef Georges Perrier is about two weeks into his summertime experiment of allwing some patronas at Le Bec-Fin to pay what they wish for dinner.

So far, he says, people have been dropping $50 and more a head for the privelege. One party of what he says were "three young gifrls" left $6 a person.

"An hour later, one of them came back and left more," he says.

The deal, Mondays through Thursdays for a 7 p.m. seating, is booked solid through August.

Personally, I wouldn't pay a $1 for a Le Bec-Fin meal.

If you want to know, check my archives.

I tell you, if you don't want to be bad mouthed for a lifetime, get your Customer Service right Georges.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rest in Peace Albert Carlson

I was reading the Philadelphia Daily News obituaries when I saw that a classmate of mine from All Saints Elementary School in Bridesburg had died.

I remember Albert Carlson as a very nice kid---at least he was to me.

I also remember his situation being the saddest I had encountered up to that point in my life...I seem to remember one of his parents dying (his mother or father I can't remember) and then about a week later, the other one dying.

Imagine being left in that situation---how horrible.

Of course, my memory could be wrong, because I can swear the same tragedy befell another student in a grade behind me. I forget his name, but he was a nice guy also. I think we called him Sarge.

I see from his Obituary that Albert had two daughters, and also some grandchildren.

I haven't seen him since our 8th graduation.

I hope Albert had a great life, and that both parents were there to lead him to the pearly gates of heaven.

Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cinnaminson Five Guys to open soon

Five Guys in Cinnaminson looks like it's nearly ready to open.

It's located right next to the Hair Cuttery.

Sign says 'Opening Soon'

Jimmy Walsh Update

As those of you who follow my blog know, a St. Charles Borromeo 8th grader, Jimmy Walsh, was seriously injured on June 12th.

You can read about Jimmy's injuries, his road to recovery, and post a get well message, via this link which was published in the St. Charles Church Sunday Bulletin 2 weeks ago