Monday, June 18, 1973

It was a good start

The same day I started my first summer job, I began the summer bowling league (Erie Lanes I believe) by starting with 4 strikes in a row, and finishing with a score of about 100.

I didn't record another strike or a spare for the rest of the game, and I was using some stupid yellow ball.

I do remember Paul Simon's Kodachrome song being played.

Action Manufactuing

I started my first summer job on Monday, June 18th, at Action Manufacturing in Bridesburg, making $2.10 per hour. Many of my friends were at the shore for Senior week.

It was hot, sticky, and required some skills that I don't think I possessed (namely, some mechanical ability and the ability not to get hurt).

Before the summer was over, I had nearly cut my thumb off, shot a lathe wrench between my legs, and sprayed acetone in my eyes.

Things were so bad that my first pay check (and stub, which I still have) had blood on it.

I did get better---I finished the summer making $2.35 per hour, as I recall.

I was particularly good at glueing.

My first supervisor, Mr. Chris (can't remember his last name) was a very nice man.

Friday, June 15, 1973

Just graduated from High School--June 15, 1973

I just graduated from Northeast Catholic!

I won the Religion prize (the Cardinal gave me that), along with Honorable mention in English and History.

I was disappointed in not winning the Physics prize---I thought I did well on the exam, although I was far from the best student in the class.