Sunday, June 29, 1975

Trip to New York to see the Phillies---June 29, 1975

I took the train from 30th Street Station to New York City today to see the Phillies play a double header against the Mets. My friend Anne from St. Joe's arranged the trip, and also arranged for me to escort two of her friends (Fran and Fran, isn't that confusing) to the game.

I met them at 30th Street Station, and they were very nice. We spend the hour and half ride to New York chatting, then got off the train and tried to make our way to Shea Stadium on the El or Subway.

Luckily, we didn't get lost---I forget whether Anne had given us tickets or met us outside, but we got to our seats in the first row of the upper deck before the game started. It had been raining, so the foot area of the first row was full of water.

Someone had placed some cardboard there to soak up the water.

Directly behind us were some Mets fans, who playfully teased us about our Phillies throughout the game. Despite that, they were pleasant and polite---a far cry, I am sure, from the way New York fans are treated in Philadelphia.

The Phillies won both games of the double header in spectacular fashion. The first game, 9 to 6

and the second game 4 to 3 in 12 innings after tying the game in the top of the 9th off Tom Seaver.

All in all, it was a great time.

I forget how I got to the train station that morning, but at night, my friend Dave drove me and the two girls home---he would later marry one of the Fran's.