Friday, February 13, 2004

Fan Mail---February 13, 2004

Just got some fan mail---it's a nice honest appraisal of my book, including the part about being a bit redundant and being a tome :)

Hello John!

I wanted to write a note and tell you that I really enjoyed your books, "Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6" and "Visual Basic Databases".

They were extremely helpful in learning the basic concepts from a total beginner's point of view.

Between those tomes and some help from the on-line forums I was able to not only learn but re-write a small DB program here at work in a total time of about 14 weeks.

I have at least 3 other VB books here in the office, but they weren't as helpful in covering the basics.

Your writing style can seem a tad redundant at times, but that's absolutely perfect for the beginner.

Whatever it is, it works and I hope you continue to write the way you do. I am going to pick up another book of yours here shortly (C++) and I'm confident that with your approach I should have it down in no time.