Wednesday, September 19, 1973

Bought a calculator

It was 1973---these devices called 'Calculators' were introduced---they allowed you to do calculations quickly, and they weren't mechanical, they were electronic.
My father took me to Bundy Typewriter in the Roosevelt Mall, and after evaluating the two leading models, Texas Instruments or Summit, I bought a Summit Calculator for $99---$105.95 including Tax.

By the way, my ability to pick companies that would later go bankrupt over companies that would later go on to make billions was evident even at the age of 18!

I was very happy with the calculator---in fact, I have it even today, although it no longer charges.

I used it in my Chemistry classes and loved it---one thing I didn't love (and still hate today) was the sound of those stinking Texas Instrument Calculators clicking away.

Poor students (I was a good one) would be clicking away at those things in hopes of obtaining a correct answer--the sounds drove me crazy, and even today, I hate the sounds of clicking keyboards and keypads.

Wednesday, September 5, 1973

First day of College at St. Joseph's University

It's my first day of College at St. Joseph's---I'm very excited.

Of course, this was in the old days, where most students commuted---I took the 73 bus to the 'El' at Bridge and Pratt. The El to 15th and Market, and the 44 bus to 54th and City Line Avenue. Took me about an hour and 15 minutes one way.

For most of my first year, I would take public transportation.

Once in a while, my friend John Szcepanski and his father would give me a ride. John's father would later show me a shortcut that I still use to this day.

In my 2nd year, I would drive occasionally, and then when tragedy struck after my second year, I drove every day in my junior and senior years.