Monday, July 14, 2014

Where's My Stuff

I've been thinking about writing a book for some time called 'Where's My Stuff', intended to be a fill-in-the-blank book for people to specify where important documents (such as life insurance policies, bank records, etc) are stored, along with passwords for online records.

I saw this letter to Dear Abby recently, and it rings true...

Dear Abby: My beautiful wife and I were a team for many years. She was the brains and I was the brawn. She took care of business matters, taxes and household duties. I did the repairs, vehicle upkeep and took care of the lawn and our garden. She was a computer whiz, while I remained computer illiterate.

As we advanced in age, I made preparations for my demise. I had everything perfectly planned. Then the unexpected happened. My wife died suddenly. I was devastated. Then I realized I was also totally lost.

She had gone completely paperless. I had no knowledge of anything. Some things were filed in the computer and others in the filing cabinet. I didn't know her email address, any account numbers and no passwords. All business transactions stopped completely, and my credit rating plummeted.

It has been a year since her death and I'm still trying to get everything corrected. Please remind your readers that the word "assume" can be a real meanie.

--- Somewhere in Texas

Dear Somewhere: What a sobering letter. Usually the surviving spouse is the wife who was left in the dark. I'm glad you wrote, and I hope your letter will be a wake-up call to couples about sharing information.

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